Puppy Lucky Book

PuppyLuckyBook publishes and introduces books including bilingual books by English and Japanese.

About Us

Puppylucky is a name of an organization that publishes and introduces books including bilingual book.
This is named after my friend's dog "Lucky". Since puppy sound like "happy", too, that's why we decide this name. We really hope this book will bring all the children happiness.

Our team

Director Mikiko Nakatsuka
Graphic design & Marketing Director Junya Kudo
Date of founding 05 Jan 2011

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Our books

Title : "If you look up, you can see..."

"If you look up, what can you see? High buildings? Beautiful skies? Or....
This book says "If you look up..." many times.
After reading the book, you can look up and find anything with your kids!!"

"If you look up, you can see..." is the author's first published book. The book is a simple and friendly story for children, written from their point of view. The author is a children's writer with experience in working in childcare. I wrote this book thinking about what children need and are interested in. Eric Carle, who published the famous book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", says that picture-book artists fall somewhere between "studio artists" and "commercial artists".
It is meaningful for artists to create art for children. The book may improve their emotional development. Children's books could be art from artist. It is really special for children. And also it's not only art to see, children interested in a lots of things.

Why making bilingual book?

When I lived in Australia, which is a multicultural country, I was concerned about what was important for children who speak English as a second language. In my opinion, it is important to communicate with other people, for them to show their feelings, and to understand other people's feelings.
Even if the child knows a lot of words or can count to 100,If they can't express their feelings,they would feel stress.
Children's book is not only a tool for increasing vocabulary, it can help children learn to communicate and let them show their feelings.
Bilingual book can help to guess what they say from their first language.
I hope the bilingual book could help their communicate.

by Mikiko

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Sample book

Title : "If you look up, you can see..."